Apologies accepted

It's been a fun few days. Not as intense as they usually are, but perfect for someone who had to rest after and before a big deal of work. And so, I'll skip to conclusions.

A. I've been bragging about how superficial relationships are around here. As a matter of fact, the smaller the place, the more people tend to care more for their image. BUT, as my smart cousin accurately pointed, it's not a characteristic of this place only, it's a general illness. And not everybody is like this, these people are the ones you see the most. And, I've found out a place where people are interesting. So, cheers for that.

B. Arkoudi is amazing but it can wash your money off in jsut a few hours. You can't abandon it though 'cause it's simply amazing (and sorry for repeating myself).

C. There's something better than gin tonic. It's called gin w soda and lemon juice and it helps you digest all the meat you've been devouring in easter festivities.

D. You can shoot many beautiful things if you find even a tiny interest in them.

(like this)
Since I'll be back tomorrow...happy rest of the holidays for those of you who are still on vacation.


Confessions on the altar

No, I'm not getting married. But religion has been one of the hottest topics around Gastouni these last days (and it's Easter. Makes sense).

Few things have changed around here. The pretention levels are on their max, "hot" women have fun, "hot" men have their eyes full and everybody else is trying to be like them. Boring, really. The usual Gossip girl-lookalike scenery. But some things have indeed changed: a. the bars are quite empty. Curiously the ones missing are the ones you'd like to see the most. The rest are underage drinkers and posers you despise. b. There is a new place whose music is quite bearable. It might lack originality (here's why) but it can't compare to 3d rate greek songs. And the barman makes good cocktails, (which is a rarity, coming from my mouth). c. I feel no real need to go out. A chill noon in Arkoudi has much more meaning to me nowadays than a crazy night out.

While reading books I've first read when I was a child, I'm working on two things: 1. my patience 2. my snobbism. Because I'm halfway on the road to who I'd like to be, but I'm still quite satisfied with what I have now.

Happy Easter everyone. To good deeds.


Confessions on the dancefloor 2014 style

I'm back in my beloved village, enjoying all the small things, after a month of hard labour. My hands smell like ilford fixer (god knows why), the local joks are dancing in almost empty bars and things are as usual, only less crouded. Gastouni feels very pleasant this year, especially since it comes without any anxiety. New bars open, that play lists from kasetophono, but when you need your usual dose of bad greek music, the old ones are still there. I might even get my camera out this year. Let's see...


Underneath it all

People have certain particular characteristics, don't they? But you never notice them until you start having stronger feelings about them. Be it friendship, love or even hate. And they become essential to your way of seing them. I'm talking about the little things. Like dipping your fingers in a glass of alcohol while you're drinking it or making a vowelless sound in the end of a phrase when you're perplexed. Things that you love learning about someone. To see who is hiding underneath it all. There will be a sequel to this


Spring in the city

These days have been super busy and mostly happy, which have led me to not posting here. This Spring has been one of a kind. Work, building, flirting, fighting, coffees, saying goodbye, welcoming new things. The festivals ain't here yet though. The one thing I haven't done in a very long time is shooting seriously. But we can't have it all, can we?

The future looks pink right now.


Living near a strip club

This post should've been full of words to cover up for the absence. But after long hours of suffering and organising and creating there are hardly words left. My life has been going with helluva rythms lately. So, here's for your enjoyment:


One's achievements

(being 24 is quite dull but this is something I'm proud about)


The beginning of all stories

I've noticed that not writing in my blog for some time probaly means one of two things: either I'm blantantly happy or extremely busy. This case was the second, with some anxious sickly blues added. But I'm fine now.
I'm turning 24 in four days. It not a signature age and I won't get a coup-de-blues. But I guess I've learned a lot through it. I've been depressed, happy, extremely angry, bored, done things very important for the rest of my life, felt like a teenager again, forgiven people and situations, got my self esteem back, admitted a lot of things. I'm at a good point for my life.
Some days ago, I've decided to stop telling stories and start living them again. Today seems to tell me that they're still necessary. To help people keep going on.
In the end, is tragedy worse than mediocrity? Think about it... and good night.


Playing cupid

...has been my thing since I remember my preteen self. Talking about love and giving a helping hand for its realisation has always been my thing. A little talk here, a little situation arranging there, done. Or not. Experiencing love through everyone elses love story can be amazing, can't it? Otherwise we'd never read romance novels. But it can be quite difficult if your own love life keeps your hands full. And also, if it has made you experience lost friendships, ugly misuderstandings, too much involvement. I had stopped playing cupid for a very long time and also for very good reasons. But time has betrayed me once again...

(my new pride)


The first cockroach of the year and other stories

This year has been as charged in events as any other sofar, but, being liberated from the semi-calvinism that ruled the last four, counts the biggest times of laughter with friends. Seing your graduation coming closer can make you do a lot of foolish things. But it can also lead you to having countless, well deserved fun. The first cockroach of the year, which I've seen dead near my appartment building's staircase looks like a warning. "Careful with the fun, sis', it's not over yet and it needs hard labour". But still, it's a long way to having fun in the making.