aka people you don't need to say goodbye to.

My new life is starting in less than 7 hours and I'm still awake (no wonder), anguished about everything. I take what I said yesterday back. No good riddance needed. Just a bit of space and nice feelings.

But honestly, I've been trying to mend all loose ends and said goodbye to a million people. Some of them had been more emotional then others but all important. Except for one category.

My ablas. I feel no need to say goodbye to them at all. 'Cause we can't, we shan't, we won't get lost. As afraid as I am to make any affirmations, I'd say that's a fact.


The end of an era

Dissapointed. Angry. Disillusioned. Glad. Confused. Embarassed. Lady Vengeance.

This is how I feel.

But I'll keep "Glad". Because, after all these years, I'm really wanting this damned good riddance. I've looked back and amended too many years now. To hell with it.

I couldn't be more disappointed, I guess.

Talk to you in a few years.



Woman, interrupted

Well, I know that recently I've been boring. It's not about heartbraking stories anymore. Or jobs, university, boy troubles or anything like that. It's been silent recently.

One good reason is that I'm fed up with maaany things. Including my life in Patras. It's always ending but I'm still here. And that's becoming tiring. All my past, the mistakes, the mess, the ugly things are here.

Another reason is that everything is still pending. I still don't know where I'll be going to live in five days from now and that's relatively crazy. You can't begin dreaming of the way your life is going to be, and definitely cannot plan. And that is killing me.

Plus for the fact that I haven't been able to prove some of my past decisions as right. No, if I wanted to be precise I'd say that it's kind of frustrating seing others moving on and yourself in the same shitty mess you created.

But there's something about it that makes everything better. The shit is ending in 1,5 days. Everything's starting again in five days. It might be a little fearsome, but will definitely be better than this.

Goodnight. Sleep tight and watch my dreams come true.


Always leaving, still here

As usual, I'd have tons of words to give you. But instead, I'll give you this


Leave, please, do.

It's absurd.

It's been such a long time since...everything.

I'm leaving town, finally.

But there's something that's still tying me down.

I still don't know what it is.

Good riddance.


After all this time, I can say that I made a photo I'm proud of

...and decided that my funny, absurd, alcoholic friends are the best models of the earth.


All wines taste the same in a plastic cup

...and it's a very good reason not to bring an exquisite varietal wine to a beach party. I've had fun though, with the entirety of Gastouni's crème de la crème (they have made up a french nickname, which they spell wrong and it's hilarious).

I have a million things to talk about, as usual. But since they're as many, just keep the title. It can be more meaningful than it seems.


Confessions on the summer dancefloor (and my feet hurt)

It's been ages. And such a lot of things have happened.

Turns out, I'm still not a graduate, just don't ask why. It'll all be solved in September, luckily.
I have postgraduate troubles to solve also. Like, deciding where I'll be in October and what vocation I'll choose.
And everything else. Which is no small thing but I really don't wanna talk about it.

I've been touring Patras the day before yesterday. Without a home, like a tourist. It was a new experience. I'm slowly realizing that I've left and it's... strange.

Anyway, let's move to the fun facts. After a month all around Greece, poor homeless me is in Gastouni again. Learning new bad tunes, staying out 'till late, drinking not-so-inspired cocktails. Not doing my graduating project (which I should).

Anyway in some other post I might tell you about what I've been doing in the meantime. Because it's been exciting.


Leaving town

The cardboard boxes are here. It's ending. Even though I haven't had time to think about it. My house won't be mine in just a few days. I won't be living here anymore. And it feels like...nothing. I've realised nothing yet.

Not being able to nominate causes and situations is troubling. But, so be it.

See you soon...


The troubles of being a graduate

Truth is, getting your degree and leaving stage one of university isn't as idyllic as it sounds. I just welcomed myself to the world of unemployment. And lost my insurance. But it's not as bad as I make it sound either. You've completed step one, and now are free to live everything that comes ahead.

And now to the main point: the troubles.

A. I have a humongous writers block. I've always had an ability when it came to words; be it written or spoken. But lately, I can't seem to write a line. Not in my blog. I mean in motivation letters, books, articles etc.  And it's troubling. I feel that my words are tangled up inside me and they won't get out right. And I'd like to solve that soon, 'cause I've found a new knack in writing articles (which I currently can't write).

B. I can't sleep well. I hope that's gonna resolve itself with time.

C. Everything else. Like when I'm moving, where I'm going, how to get an insurance, how to live independently etc. Vacations anyone?

I guess we'll have a job troubles sequel soon...