After Drunk

Well well... For starters, the title is just a joke paraphrasing "After Dark". But it is also a reality because yesterday I most definitely drank a whole vineyard.

I hadn't drank as much since before I started dieting. And the best thing: it was all free. But now, I'm enduring the consequences.

Tomorrow I'm playing and then leaving for Athens. Let's see how that goes...


Pain in the abs

Well, I did say this post was going to be about dance and it won't be that far off. But let's take it from a different aspect.

In the summer, after an intensive contemporary dance workshop (and the load of energy I gave it), some kind of epiphany came on me. Dance has always been with me, even when I wasn't formally training. I'm one of those who choreograph themselves, half drunk, on the way home after dark. Well, if things had gone differently I might have seriously tried to be a dancer, but now, choreographer it is. And that leaves me in a sort of new and exciting and scary situation.

My muscles ache quite frequently, I'm challenging all kinds of dances simultaneously (meaning, I'm doing sloppy pirouettes and even sloppier somersaults, but even that is a huge advancement). And hoping for the best.

I'm that much of an addict, that, even when I leave the island, I find someplace to dance. And of course, I watch hours of ballet and listen to classical music. Etc.

Once again, wish me luck. Because this ain't easy...


Lady with the headache

I'm back.

My life looks nothing like last year for now. I dance every day but otherwise going out at night, drinking, eating, sleeping comes with a program. And that feels quite good. The only thing I cannot handle is studying.

Everything's under control. Well, I can hardly say so for anything larger than myself. But I like that new person and the possibilities it gives to acting outside of my bubble.

And, if love truly is like oxygen, the reason why I'm having headaches can be explained...

I'm getting boring, I know. The next post will be about DANCE


An assessment

It's been a long time and, if I'm not mistaken it's the first time in the history of this blog ( that has discretely become six years old) that I've skipped a whole month. Well, you cannot oblige yourself to write, they say. Plus, I've had a good deal of vacation in between.

I've found a job (maybe two). This for starters. And the politics of the country are going berserk in a good way, if you ask me. Things are changing. Some stay the same but still.

This summer has been rich in experiences, and mostly good. So far, we've had noone to mourn for, and that's the greatest luck one can have. My two cents.

And that's how it is. Tomorrow I'm dj-ing for a local bar in Gastouni, and if all goes well, we'll have a new "confessions on the dancefloor" chapter.

Bisous for now 


And leaving ain't easy...

I am quoting someone else for my title, once again, since I cannot find something more inspiring at this time. I'm in Athens for just a little while and the difference with my usual everyday is more than obvious. I feel like a fish drowning out of the sea here. And this might be a good or a bad thing. 

One for the trouble, two for the bass. A very interesting summer awaits you.  We are in midst of a political crisis, a love paranoia, and a big hand mixing the soup in general.

Even though I do not believe in metaphysics, I can't wait for the things this summer has to offer me. And we'll see...


The best brainwash I ever did to myself...

...was the one when I thought I hated sweets.

Every others result was a disaster.


I could fall in love..

With some blogger I've never known. Some unknown dj who mixes tracks as if he was residing in my head. With overly serious revolutionaries. But never with someone I find boring. Regardless of age, proximity or quality of sex.

And that, I guess, is a great handicap


It's the first time that I miss Patras. For real. Not my friends, not some specific situation. It's atmosphere.

I don't think that me, not writing all that much here, is a coincidence.

Truth be told, this small place tends to make us less than full humans. This is how I feel.

This is just a little part of it. Sometimes I am surprised from my own amplitude...

(and the whole album)


I don't wanna work today

And so, I'm doing everything to avoid it.Since it has a deadline in 3-4 hours, though, I guess this is the last thing that I'll do before carrying on with it.

A very rich month has passed, since I last posted. But I don't have the time to talk about it. Kudos to all of you.


Hello there. The angel from my nighmare. The shadow in the background of the morgue

Many things have come by. I won't talk about them, once more. I'm not suffering though. Too old to do that. Things get far more complicated than that. Good night to you, fellows.