Cocktails. Driving lessons. The sea. My cousins. The fucking heat. That's what my summer has been all about recently. It's still a bit dull here in Gastouni, but the dullness is sometimes better than the drama. And I can sense the last one near us. The summer is still going on... And, bu the way, the roommates are also still going on, even though I'm thinking about ending this project quite soon, because I feel like I've grown out of it. And here is Kallia and Bella.


Transitions. yet again.

I remember, when I was smaller, I used to love travelling, escaping reality, changing sceneries...I can't say I'm on the same level nowadays. People around me are finding new lovers, graduating, changing houses, cities, countries, losing their precious ones, finding new people, dreaming of the future. And I do too. What we once had in mind as solid is now slowly turning  to ashes. I'm happy and sad about it, at the same time. What could we have done differently? Is there any reason to wonder now? And what does the future hold for us?

Who knows. The only thing you can do is hope. And fight. And adapt. And set your limits. And all over again.


Gastouni next level

Back in the village, things are changing yet again. The title is a very accurate description of my cousin about what's going on in Gastouni: tablets for teaching, chic one-pieces on the beach, phone appications against the "bad eye", crime after hours. This summer doesn't seem spectacular just yet. But with all those people around in Greece...who knows. We'll see


Despicable me

It happens eventually, even though it doesn't on a daily basis. It usually does when you're so full of yourself for a period. I'm talking about feeling realy and truly despicable. It is usually accompanied by people telling you what you've done, because you don't usually realise it. And then it comes and gives you a blow. Truly you can't be doing great all the time.  There surely are times when you hurt others and you don't even realise it. And when you do, you feel despicable. Thinking about it might help. Thinking before you speak might help even more. But it will probably never go away for good. Despicable me, in the end is a way to get down on earth and realise what you're doing to people.