About job seeking and other calamities

The topic has been quite recent on this blog because it's been quite recent in my life too. Imagine being an almost graduate of architecture school. And then put this in the context of Greece 2013, in the midst of crisis. Tough, huh? For the moment, I haven't found a thing. Truth be told, I also haven't looked all that much. But things ain't gonna be shiny, for all I know. I've made two kinds of CVs and I might have to make a third one. Hello hell.

It's kind of a nonsense post but I bet it's the start of a serie...   


Losing part of your tooth and of your sanity

Yesterday, part of my tooth stuck on a chewing gum and left to see the world on it's own. I was utterly shocked, particularly because my teeth had never shown any kind of defect before, no matter how badly I treated them. But I guess there must be a first time for everything.
These days have been...quite paranoid. Why are we all looking for the same thing, yet why is it so complicated?  


Cold feet

This used to be one of my favorite songs in my pre-teens. It was part of the music playing on waky fm, that is now long gone. I've discovered it anew when the age of the internet made it easier.
While smoking a cigarette, wearing my old sweater with a monkey on it (damn teenage fashion) and having cold feet I've realised that summer has indeed moved on. And here we are. Let's hope the best for tomorrow.


Finding a job is the new finding love

...and it's amazing (in a bad way) how those two things ressemble each other.
I was recently thinking that in every office I apply for a job, they'd prefer me as a client. The resemblance with "I like you...as a friend" is scary. Plus there's all the headache and the heartache and the rejections. I'm kind of a romantic, I won't object about that. But honestly, if my professional life gets worse than my personal, it'll be an achievement. And that's how little me understood crisis better than ever.



Do not accept it... it's fine but... you're waiting for something