A certain sensitive Thursday night

It seems that this city won't see winter this year. So, with your upper cover open, you can roam around. I was always one of the curious kind. Three rooms are lit in this appartment building. Why is there a blue one? And what are people doing inside? Taking a peek at others- imagining what their life looks like. Keeping yourself from looking back even though you know something delirious is going on. Smelling the heavy perfume of a late night female wanderer; one that wears a printed skirt and high heels and you'll probably never again notice. Maybe that kind of curiosity is the one that brought me to photography. Another night bites the dust. Blink and the new day will come.


The men of my life

For starters, they're all adorable. That might not be the best adjective for them (if they ever read it) but it's my truth. They might be short or tall, blonde or dark (even though it tends to the second), talkative or almost silent. They might be serious or total jerks at times, clumsy, sing out of tune, play wonderful music, be seductive. They give me hope to carry on, each one in their own way. So, a song for them:


A new day has come

Satisfaction isn't something you get just by winning. If you play a fair game, you can be satisfied even when you lose. Because you haven't been shitty to arrive to that. And then a new day comes. You still have to deal with the general contexts of your life and that of others. But you've dealt with one of the issues successfully. Whatever that may mean. And the morning sun comes and deals with you, once again. "Shit, I should've slept earlier"


Erase and rewind

Regardless. It's what I use to say, seeming indifferent (and copying my friend, Bris). Betting is a way to win. But, as it seems, it's a way to lose also. So when the result is of little importance, the answer is this:


Ages and stages

When I was 20, I thought that I knew the ways of the world. I had gotten into the love arena maybe a bit earlier than others and I was so sure about myself. Now I'm almost 24 and aware that I don't know shit.
Well, let's not be nihilists. Experiences accumulated are always welcome, and they make you wiser. But it cannot be a guide to the feelings of everyone else. Because people aren't that predictable. "He's not that into you" is a timeless phrase and you don't have to psychoanalyze every little move and touch of the other person but it also ain't the answer to anything. So. the solution is to play and try and see. And one of the good things about being 23 to 24 is that you've already been there and done that. Cheers to the next year!



I've realised recently that the more you have slept and the less you fret over little things, the more confident you are about your whole life. But this is not always possible. And when fatigue comes, obsessions come with it. You can get obsessed with people, objects, situations. But never forget the reality check


Another one bites the dust

I've realised that, as the years go by, that anniversaries seem less meaningful than yesteryears. Who the hell cares about birthdays and namedays anymore? And even worse, christmas. And easter, and every christian festivity. So, I had to jump-start my festive mood. And it worked.

Another year bites the dust. But our expectations from the next one are high... happy new year!