Playing cupid

...has been my thing since I remember my preteen self. Talking about love and giving a helping hand for its realisation has always been my thing. A little talk here, a little situation arranging there, done. Or not. Experiencing love through everyone elses love story can be amazing, can't it? Otherwise we'd never read romance novels. But it can be quite difficult if your own love life keeps your hands full. And also, if it has made you experience lost friendships, ugly misuderstandings, too much involvement. I had stopped playing cupid for a very long time and also for very good reasons. But time has betrayed me once again...

(my new pride)


The first cockroach of the year and other stories

This year has been as charged in events as any other sofar, but, being liberated from the semi-calvinism that ruled the last four, counts the biggest times of laughter with friends. Seing your graduation coming closer can make you do a lot of foolish things. But it can also lead you to having countless, well deserved fun. The first cockroach of the year, which I've seen dead near my appartment building's staircase looks like a warning. "Careful with the fun, sis', it's not over yet and it needs hard labour". But still, it's a long way to having fun in the making.


Been there, done that

It's a nonsense post, de facto. Looking at torn photographs never helps, that's a fact. And yet, it can remind you of what you've done right and what wrong. Shit happens. But it's still under controll. Good night to all of you