The troubles of being a graduate

Truth is, getting your degree and leaving stage one of university isn't as idyllic as it sounds. I just welcomed myself to the world of unemployment. And lost my insurance. But it's not as bad as I make it sound either. You've completed step one, and now are free to live everything that comes ahead.

And now to the main point: the troubles.

A. I have a humongous writers block. I've always had an ability when it came to words; be it written or spoken. But lately, I can't seem to write a line. Not in my blog. I mean in motivation letters, books, articles etc.  And it's troubling. I feel that my words are tangled up inside me and they won't get out right. And I'd like to solve that soon, 'cause I've found a new knack in writing articles (which I currently can't write).

B. I can't sleep well. I hope that's gonna resolve itself with time.

C. Everything else. Like when I'm moving, where I'm going, how to get an insurance, how to live independently etc. Vacations anyone?

I guess we'll have a job troubles sequel soon...


Doing nothing (and how that feels like).

It's been 6 days since I've de facto finished. I'm still bothered by lots of paperwork, bureaucracy etc, but it's not the same anymore. And everybody wonders how that feels like.

The answer (or at least my answer) is ok. And a bit lonely. I've had the time to do all the thinking about leaving, the future, the people and so much more last year. And in the beginning of this year also. So I'm over that. I've been through sadness, anger, nostalgia, happiness, sorrow, yearning. Now I'm back to zero.

Truth be told, I don't wanna leave home nowadays. Graduate blues are here yet again. I'm not eager on doing things I couldn't. Maybe the heat plays a part in this. Maybe my emotional situation. In any case, the best thing I can do is raise my ass and get out. See you around maybe.   


Late at night

I've always been a night owl, since I can remember myself. i always had trouble sleeping early and waking up early and the three first hours of lessons at school were always lost. Since I went to university I've had much more freedom about sleep and could appreciate the charming hours between midnight and dawn.

I've always loved the nightly breeze, the alcohol, the conversations, the dim lighting. And these are the hours when I tend to be more productive in my work. But at night you tend to overdo it. And when you see the sun rising every day, it's not that pleasant anymore.

Keep the charm, sleep before 6 o clock.

I only have six days left of student life and I'll do whatever I can to make them productive. Good night folks :)



I'm on a deadline, one of the most stressful I've ever had. Two deadlines, to be correct: the one is tomorrow and the other in 10 days. And I have been doing everything I could to avoid them. Like, for instance, a naked night bath with shitty weather. But let's get going.

There is a reason why the word deadline has this prexif. It is deadly. It explodes half of your brain. But if you're a person that works efficiently under stressful conditions (I am one of those) then you make it.

Nonsense post again. I had to complain here too, I guess. Good luck to me.


Let's get lost and other minute details

I'm a lost case. These past few days have been fuller than full and here I find myself again struggling over a paper. I haven't had as big a difficulty to write something since... well it's the first time. And I'm losing precious time from my graduating project, which is frustrating, since it's deadline is in 16-17 days.

But otherwise I'm strangely calm and satisfied with my life. Making acronyms like a high school girl. Staying awake 'till late. Being curious and stupid. Strange phenomena. Would you bet your horses on me?

(couldn't choose between the two. Really)