Goodbye 2015, goodbye Luxembourg! It's been nice

I'm leaving Luxembourg in an hour and I can only say that this visit was what I needed to calm down and think things through. The snow, calm streets, and boredom around here are a blessing. Our family friends also. It's been fun, and filling and a good rest for the days that will follow.

One thing I've done around here is a bizarre sort of pilgrimage. I've recognized recently that I have an obsession with parts of my past, one that can be moving but also bothering, one that can't let you move on with your life at times. Take Luxembourg for instance; once I haven't come for a long time, I start dreaming about it. So, I'm trying to send away the tigers with what I know how to express my feelings best with: photography. I've followed a path that I loved to take and took photos on the way. And here is the series Kirchberg.

It's the start of a project I've named back road (though I think I might change it's name). It's very personal, for a change. And it will probably have a continuation. Because there are many tigers to send away. Plus, the memory that needs to be nurtured, based on, created from, killed. All of those in the same time. Ain't that wonderful.
Ps. My foul mood of the last month has greatly changed here. But, as a dearest friend says, problems don't magically disappear. You need to work on them. And I'm in the mood for that.