Beautiful loser

In my teenage years I read a book that's left a deep impression on me, even though it shouldn't. It's a novel criticising the greek "Upper east side". That's where I fished today's title.

Beautiful loser: a person prone to failures, because of the way they're raised (they've never learned to claim anything, everything belonged to them) who accept them gracefully. Even though I can't fully relate to that, I find it terribly accurate for describing my situation sometimes.

It's almost the end of my (first) student years, living in this town etc. Even though, this year has been one of my most active in town and I only recently grasped that I'm not gonna be able to see all those sceneries frequently. Same goes for people.

But that's not the only reason I've been a beautiful loser recently. It's also because I've decided to accept one of the most natural feelings for humankind. And accept that it's not reciprocated (did I really? good point). And live with that.

Patras is beautiful. The villages around it are beautiful. The cultural teams are beautiful. The election results in this town are beautiful. Wanting to know everything about one person is beautiful. And it's all ending beautifully...


Romance, my ass

One of my two worst flaws is being a hopeless romantic. The other one is my impatience, but I'm not gonna elaborate about it now.

Being a hopeless romantic means that you tend to see the best out of people and create imaginary situations. And that you get badly dissapointed with all those that ain't how you thought they were. And that you appreciate things that others can't seem to grasp. And that you let yourself suffer more than others.

I don't think that romantics have diminished recently, only they've made their cover better, like superheroes, and you can't distinguish them. But otherwise, people are misanthropes nowadays and get happy at others suffering. In any case, even though I think that my romanticism is a flaw, this is something I can't get.


Women on the verge of childish behaviour

One of my main worries of the month is now gone and I feel a tiny bit relieved. But this is not what I'm gonna talk about today.

One of my concerns of the last years has been handling our growing-up and the transgressions from one stage to another. I can partly accept the motto "We make the same mistakes when we're older, only we've made them before" but it deeply concerns me. Why is it that we get older but tend to have the same shitty behaviour as when we begun our first, trembling steps in the real world?

When it comes to love, I see immatureness all around. Friends nearing their thirties afraid to accept they're in love. Others behaving badly to people who don't deserve it. Misunderstandings, dishonesty, suffering, emotional releases. Is the end of university too soon to have achieved a level of maturity? Is it that, in the odd years we've lived in and those that come ahead, immaturity is a way to rebel? And if so, when are we going to welcome equilibre?

I feel very negatively about people who encourage others to "stay the way they are". Life is all about evolution (and revolution) and those who stay are those who are lost. But, in this whole moving forward atmosphere, there is a little exeption: things you don't want to change.

And then comes the unexpected, the illogical, the funny, the sad, the one that makes you shiver...

Keep the childish behaviour if it's not destroying you. The end.