Shiny looks, empty contents

Christmas is the period where everyone tends to be a little showy. Shiny outfits, glamorous situations, cozy homes, perfect families, the best photo under the mistletoe. Even if you won't be able to spend the rest of the month, the turkey shall always decorate the table. And in the end, there's nothing more dreadful than the family table, full of people who are trying too much, who are exhausted from their everyday lives, who don't even want to be with each other, having useless fights.

I'm being quite the antisocial lately, I know. But if you get beyond all that showiness, you can arrive to things that really matter. Like, who is really close to you, who you can have meaningful relationships with and what makes you calm, what are the reasons for you to carry on.

I'm in the country where I grew up and I feel calm and collected. And preparing for what comes next...

Happy holidays everyone.


Perfect day, perfect relationship, perfect ideals and other bullshit

Ho ho hooo everyone. After stuffing my stomach with multi-culti delicacies (and not bothering to photograph the exotic christmas table once again), I've sobered up and thought about this.

Lately, I've been doing something I didn't use to. Which is, envying others. Not in a bad way for others, just for me. And, while thinking that what other people have is perfect, you just throw your own inferiority complex to the pits.

But that's just a pile of bollocks. Every of those "perfect" things that we perceive comes from an endless struggle with yourself AND the people around you. So, what do we really envy? A ghost of reality?

I'm too tired to go on. Maybe another time. For now, the song is for you...


You're not the only one

I wonder how much the crisis affected people's self-esteem. Not being able to find a job is rough. Not getting paid is rough. But those are the obvious causes of malaise.

What about human relationships in general? When you've put misery in the daily order and every morning you wake up afraid, what could ever happen to your self-esteem? Plus, everything seems shallow. Because depth needs time and time needs a set mind.

My generation is alternating between fear, fugue and shallowness. It's tough to feel that you got no future and even the most convinced of all cannot but be affected. In times like these simple-seeming things like friendship, love and near-future seem difficult and scary.

I've been a victim of that. And you know what's the worse? you feel like you're the only one on earth who feels like this. You're not. And this is the first key to get out of the misery and into anger. 'cause a whole generation is the victim of massive depression.





I'm into that mood again.

The world is shaking, we can still be surprised it seems. People are dying, others don't care, we take sides.

I damaged my foot again and had to spend the weekend with crutches. Of course, that didn't prevent me from anything.

What can we do in those 23 days remaining 'till 2015?

And why do I not want to leave anymore?

Hell's bells. I'm growing old and not learning.

Revolution solution.


Everything is everything

Honestly, it's been a long time since I wrote here and I am utterly bored of the possible past analysis. What's done is done.

The news are: I've shot a picture I REALLY like! And it's the started of a project, temporarily named "functional-dysfunctional". It's a bit surreal, a bit uncanny, there's something strange going on in the photos, like a "bling" sound. I wouldn't be able to write a prologue to it right now, but I know exactly what kind of photos could fit in it. So enjoy. And be ready for the continuation.