Doing nothing (and how that feels like).

It's been 6 days since I've de facto finished. I'm still bothered by lots of paperwork, bureaucracy etc, but it's not the same anymore. And everybody wonders how that feels like.

The answer (or at least my answer) is ok. And a bit lonely. I've had the time to do all the thinking about leaving, the future, the people and so much more last year. And in the beginning of this year also. So I'm over that. I've been through sadness, anger, nostalgia, happiness, sorrow, yearning. Now I'm back to zero.

Truth be told, I don't wanna leave home nowadays. Graduate blues are here yet again. I'm not eager on doing things I couldn't. Maybe the heat plays a part in this. Maybe my emotional situation. In any case, the best thing I can do is raise my ass and get out. See you around maybe.   

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