What about shoes??

"We all thank "Sex and the city", because it helped women aknowledge their obsession with shoes", a wise woman once said. Just be honest: don't you have a shoe fetish? Aren't your shoes your best pals?
I was actually a late (shoe) bloomer. Oh no, correction. I did have a boot addiction. I've been collecting them since I was 12 and have 11-12 pairs right now. Black, pink or white, leather or suede, stretch or fluffy, I loved them all. But I my interest for high heels came later. It was with my first pair of wedges. They were turquoise mules. I could barely walk in them and they made me huge (I'm pretty tall and they had 10cm heels), but I still went out with them on a few times. Then, wedges went out of fashion and my big love with CAMPER's started. I still buy a pair of campers from time to time. They're comfortable and cute, plus I've tried running with them on and it really works. But I still like other kinds of shoes, my favorite two being a pair of black repetto tango heels and some very sexy strappy Vivienne Westwood by Melissa. Those are some of my shoe experiences, but since this is a huge topic, there will be a sequel to this article :)

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