Big Weekend in Athens Day 1 (Cosplay cafe)

And I say... I'm bored of seing myself on those pages, and so might you. So I'm thinking of doing things differently...starting today.

This is a very interesting weekend in Athens because so many things are happening (some I don't even know yet). It's fashion week, the Meet Market is on Saturday and many other events are happening. Like, for instance, the maid cafe I discovered today.

See, I was in Fnac looking for some new book when I heard some loud J-pop coming from the back of the shop. Since I'm crazy about Japan myself (I wanted to be a mangaka when I was 14 and I still draw manga today) I went there and saw...a maid cafe. You know, the girls with the ultimate french maid outfits, with all those ribbons and bows, and the cute socks... I love them. Plus, from what I've heard, there must be a cosplaying crew in Athens... Things have been going on in this town...

Cute maids with lace outfits and pretty socks
The "Masters" are being served
kimonos and cat ears

For those of you who like that kind of look, I'd suggest you to read Gothic & Lolita Bible or the manga Kaichou wa Maid-sama. I'll be back soon...


  1. Hello girl! Just went through your blog and found it quite interesting! Actually it was a pleasant read ;)

    Im the maid in the first photo (and a big fan of Visual Kei lol). Thanx for giving me your blog address ^_^

    Pls feel free to contact me on: www.myspace.com/velvet_vortex for any questions you might have about cosplays and j-culture in athens!

  2. But you see, I dnt have a myspace account (anymore), so could you maybe send me an e-mail???

    Thanx again, Maru