The little shoe tale

I don't know what your relationship with fairytales might be, but I personally love them.
And today I'm in the mood of telling you the little shoe tale.
The "little shoes" were black patent leather tango shoes. The other shoes used to call them little ironically, for they were bigger than any of them. So, every time they walked on the streets, they saw all those tiny shoes with delicate laces and their heart beat sadly. And one day, on their first week together, their owner did the most humiliating thing a shoe could bare : she wore them with slit tights. The Little shoes almost cried, walking on the cold streets of the city. No other shoe would like them, now that not only were they big, but they were accustomed to bad hosiery. And then they stepped onto a warm dark red carpet and got surrounded by music. They barely touched the steps they were climbing; their owner was in such a hurry. And then they entered a room full of elegant shoes. The Little shoes felt very shy and wondered if those unknown shoes would stand being near them, let alone talk to them. And then they came face to face with a pair of dark brown leather oxfort shoes. Those laces, oh those shiny laces made their heart skip a beat. To their surprise, the brown shoes adressed them.
"How do you do ladies? Would you like to dance with us?""We'd be delighted", said the little shoes without a second thought and they slided gracefully.
"How graceful you are my ladies", said the brown shoes. "And, oh, we recognise those thights. We have met them before". The little shoes were afraid that the brown ones would comment their owners bad taste, but they were wrong. "You seem new, so you probably don't know the story. So let us tell you. These tights were torn by our master a year ago. He was going to Argentina, to work, for a whole year. He told your owner that he would be back today and that if she still loved him by the time he was back, she should have a dance with him in this hotel, tonight, wearing the tights he had lovingly torn for her. So, ladies, let us be sourrounded by love, merge in love and fall in love ourselves". And the dance went on...

By me. I'm
dedicating this to all the hopeless romantic tango lovers out there.

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