Leaving town...

Lots of things have been written by lots of people concerning travel packing. Some pack only what they're able to carry, others travel with tons of luggage, waiting for some kind (or paid) person to carry them. And items of clothing... there comes the big dilemma: what to pack, what to wear.
I've lived in two countries and traveled a lot back and forth (and to other countries) so I could give one advice or two, based on my personal belief on traveling.

  1. I never carry more than I can handle. I have no intention of paying anyone to carry my own stuff so I usually take a trolley suitcase and my handbag. And ocasionaly, my laptop.
  2. I tend to find key pieces. A black dress, booties with a comfortable heel (my all time favorites), lots of different stockings and socks and pashminas.
  3. Black is a colour matching with anything. So I tend to have more black clothes that anything else. Generally, and while travelling.
  4. You can always put a dazzling dress between your everyday clothes. You never know when you'll need one. Just don't take one that takes half the space of your suitcase.
  5. When you travel, you'd better wear things you're comfortable with. No heels larger than life, no micromini skirts, no cleavage. And if by any chance you're traveling by plane, avoid to drink alcohol. It usualy gives a terrible headache when you're landing
I tried to talk generally but, truth is, I'm inspired by my own suitcase and I'm going to a cold town in the north of Greece for few days and I usually don't wear pants. I hope I've been helpful and, ps, I can't wait for the trip!!!!


  1. I would send you a private message, but I don't think you've given an email address--at least I've not been able to find it. I noticed that I had some traffic from this site to mine and came to see what that's about. I got a big kick out of your blog and will come back. I looked through the sites you have linked and can't figure out where I fit except maybe for the Polaroids. But it is a hoot to be linked by you for whatever reason. Keep writing and posting pictures. It is fun for me. Best,

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