Last night

Last night, last thoughts. My holidays part three (or four, depends on how you count it) are ending tomorrow and I'm coming closer to reality. Closer to inspiration too, I hope. I've had fun in a lot of unusual ways. If you've told me three months ago that I wouldn't get extremely bored in Gastouni, I'd have slapped you. But this time, I decided to have fun and I did. But time goes on and on. If you ask me now, I'm fine with the holiday part. I've slept enough, drank enough, danced more than enough. I wanna go back to my reality. But things won't be the same with those I left before the holidays. And this scares me. But it also thrills me. I don't know. Having no care in the world is a damn nice feeling. But, this time of the year, I'm getting addicted to social media. Hell's bells. In the end, I prefer living a full time life from having all the time to laugh with posh kids...

PS. I promise my posts are going to be less self-centered and analyzing from now on. But, as I said before, it's the Gastouni disease :p

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