Are we growing up?

A number of friends of mine have quit drinking this week. I'm not talking about pathologic cases here. Just people who used to crush a cup of wine (or many of them) when they went out. Is it the money? or are we growing up? I sense a change in people nowadays. We had this long talk today about how a 23 year old person can't be on the same wavelength with a 19 year old. And I thought: hello, we were 19 year olds a couple of years ago. What went wrong? If there was anything wrong in the beginning. Maybe it's just like Inertia. When the bus of life is moving forward on a fast pace, you're stuck on the seat, resisting the speed. We're growing up too fast nowadays. Because there is no other choice. I'll be 22 next March. And I might be quite a different person then. Until then, I'll be resisting unwanted changes my way.

(a song that has nothing to do with the subject, but I like it very much)


  1. No, no. . . don't think like that. Don't let them do that to you. Do not join an "age group." It wears terribly in a very few years.

  2. I'm fine, my friends started drinking again and, regardless, I feel more relaxed about age nowadays...