I'm bored of people moaning nowadays

As I thought before, even without Internet I still had books. And goods ones, to keep me company. But recently, every glossy publication I try to read seems to moan and groan about the lost limos, nouvelle cuisine meals and hilton stayovers because of the crisis. And everybody from the upper class (or the wannabe upper class) feel their share of guilt for the money they were throwing away. I'm sorry, I feel no share of guilt at all. And I've never used a limo to be able to miss it. I might have eaten nouvelle cuisine, but that wasn't my everyday food, so I won't miss it either. But I think these people, trying to "repent" for the sins of a life of luxury are like Marie Antoinette right now. You can't cry and weep and try to seem strong because you can't eat brioche when everybody else can't eat bread. And everyone remembers what happened to Marie Antoinette...

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