Ballet boots, shoe seduction etc

I think I'm having a déjà-vu here. Same town, same hotel, same subject. Three years later. What is it that makes ballet boots so attractive to my mind?
Ballet boots (wikipedia description) are simply said, a pair of ballet shoes stuck to the pointe position with some heels stuck under the toe. As you can probably understand they're impossible to walk in. Impossible? nah.
As I discovered today, there's a community of girls that love their ballet boots and learn how to walk on them. Here's a girl with a blog worth mentionning.
This impossibility plus the perfect shape of the shoe and the fascination that most little girls have for ballet turned a bit dark have made me drool over those boots for some years now. I probably won't buy them 'cause I probably wouldn't use them, but I'd put them in a design museum. Cause they're worth it.

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