Confessions on a Gastounian (?) dancefloor

There are some reasons why I go to Gastouni every year. It's not picturesque. It's not a village. You can't see nature anywhere. But there are interesting stories to follow...
Let's start with this one: Gastouni works with the laws of high school. And in high school, there's always an it-girl. You know, the one with the shining smile that boys die for? She's my eldest cousin. Standing on the dancefloor and dancing lightly, you know she's the one. Around her stand it-girl clones, seasonal girlfriends and guys. The problem with being the it-girl (on being a girl in Gastouni, I haven't really figured that out) is that you never really have permanent friends. Or should I say, girlfriends. Girls are antagonistic and if you're the it-girl, there's a high chance that their boyfriend likes you. Harsh. Plus, when the boys are limited, there starts the real war.
I've never been part of the system, being just a seasonal visitor. But I always liked to observe all those complicated relationships developing around me. I might write a story about them one day. Or a photography project...

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