My dad's best friend

Well, since the last post I've become 23, but there has been no birthday post. March has been shitty and it's been a tradition since last year. I guess what won't kill you makes you older(?). Anyway, my subject today will be my fathers best friend who is 53 years old and appears a pre-teen. I don't mean that he has wonderful genes but that his behavior includes things like jumping in the air several times, calling everyone "my little bug" and believing that everyone is and acts good. He's a great combo with my mom (one that I've always despised since I could lift my right eyebrow). I've always thought he was adorable but that some screw was missing from his head. I was so naive. Because after 23 years of knowing him, only now I've realised that it's just an act. There are many ways of surviving the big bad world, and it's still big and bad even if you live in a rural town. One of them is to play dumb. I would never do that, but recognising that it has offered a caring father and husband and a positively thinking friend, I finally gave into it. After all, we all love "Mr Dinoulis".

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