Jeanne d' arc

Long time no see. It's been hectic nowadays. Patras for ten days, then back to Syros and now homework, homework, homework.

But this is not what I want to talk about today. It's my lack of reason, once again. I've realized,  just recently, that I'm a very meddlesome person. Even right now, I heard someone crying and tried to see if it's my neighbor and if I can do something for her. But the conflict arises when I start caring about the affairs of people I've had sexual relationships with.

The things is, they never get my intentions right. And I find it very difficult to leave them alone. So, I end up banging my head on a wall. I visualize myself like an illuminated Jeanne d' arc, holding their hands and pulling them out of their misery.

But the thing is: I'm not Jeanne d' arc, or any other bloody heroine for that matter. And they don't want to be saved. It's just my romanticism talking.

Welcome to the real world. I've earned my first money but still have lots to learn...

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