A boring easter holiday (or remembering-forgetting)

This Easter holiday has been quite uneventful. Syros is beautiful as usual and going to Myconos has been a (mild) experience but, otherwise, nothing really groundbreaking is going on.Hanging on with the same people, having drinks without expectations, sleeping as much as one can, not doing my homework, having a mess of a house that can't fully handle three grown-ups with requirements. And, of course, I'm missing the Gastouni factor. Bad music, great cocktails by the sea, my cousins and the local gossip. Well, that has been an experience I'm not keen on repeating.

Anyway, that boredom has (curiously) reminded me of one thing. It's been a lot of years since I've been in love with anyone. I think that this actually contrasts with the boredom waves.

My hopes are on the next week. Happy Easter to all of you.

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