The one I fear the most

You don't usually become a hero once you grow up. And it seems that our generation is full of such expectations.

Here, on my new homely island, I've found a woman. One I sympathize with and, simultaneously, one I don't want to end up like. Tough one, ain't it. Because she's an adorable piece of bull. Open, happy, insecure and fed up. All in one package. And choosing to live alone.

I can relate to many of her characteristics. Seeing her act like she does, I could see a previous version of myself growing up. But I don't think this is me and my future anymore. And this only makes you wonder, did she take the wrong side of the road, or is your own happiness short-lived? I cannot answer to that convincingly right now. But this adorable, rude, drunk, middle-aged mother of five and owner of a high class restaurant triggers my savior instinct. And, considering her case, I feel completely hopeless.

Good night wanderers. And happy new year.

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