My new bag

The title is a big lie. Cause a) it's not really new and b) it definitely isn't a bag. Let me introduce you to Polaroid Automatic 100.

A camera made in the 60's and still works fine. Some technical facts:
  • Lens: 114mm f/8.8 3-element glass
  • Shutter: Electronic 10 seconds - 1/1200
  • Has settings for film speeds of 75, 150, 300, and 3000 ASA.
  • Has exposure compensation dial with range of -1/+2 stops ("Lighten/Darken" control).
  • Has metal body and metal shutter/lens housing and tripod socket
This is where 50% of my analog pictures come from (the other 50% come from polaroid Spectra 1200FF, using classic integral instant film). With Polaroids you'll never ever have full control over the picture : the colours might be different than you thought but frankly, who cares. It's all part of the polaroid charm. One that has me giving a lot of money :P

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