New orders

(the title makes no sense, really)

Usually, when one of your beloved shops in town closes, you're not happy. Yet this time, I was. Cause, closing down meant selling all it's stock in ridiculous prices. And you know, buying shoes in 1/10 of their original price is quite a thing to be happy about. That's what I did. I went in the shop with all the other pilgrims, took a look at everything and ended up with two pairs of daring shoes. That's not like me. I like my shoes to be high heeled(usually), chic but also minimal and comfortable. And, of course, black. Now, look at this:

I don't know what you think, but ponyskin and platforms aren't really minimal. Or safe. At least when you're talking to me.

Anyway, I brought the daring shoes home. And then, the semi- predictable happened. You know, I have a friend who doesn't wear heels (and even less risky heels) but always tries my new ones on. She did it again, and then we did a little photo shoot.

Top hat, stylists own :p
T- shirt: lollimaru
jeans : staff
shoes : .lak

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