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Wanting to post hear my (oh-so-many) complaints about carnival I realized that last year I did the same thing. Wow, I've had this blog for almost one year and a half now.
Anyway. I guess I'll be a much more negative person than last year but things aren't the same in the country anymore, huh. So let's talk about Patra's carnival. Patra's carnival has groups of people wearing the same disguise and partying all together. The themes have types:
a. inspired from dumb, mainstream tv series
b. the inspiration doesn't matter, but the skirt has to be shorter than any other
c. combine a and b

Carnival in Patras is all about showing off and getting incredibly drunk and incredibly broke. And even though I have less oppositions about the second part, the whole three days make me sick. The flow of people coming in and going out of the city and the loud music and stuff. Feels like the city is getting violated.
And, I'd really wonder why the mayor would want this shit happening to the town IF I didn't know what the mayor had in mind. I mean, cooooome on, people are dying out there, people's electricity and water gets cut off, they become homeless, and all you spend money on is creating big boobed 3 meter high figurines that people get to see for three days. That's bullshit.

To be clear, I don't reject the whole meaning of carnival, just the thing it's become in this city where I live. I might dress up even this year, who knows. I'll just avoid the places "in fashion"

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