Clothing tips to Istanbul

The last post of the Istanbul series will be about fashion. And for the kind of clothing that I like, the best neighborhood of Istanbul is Cihangir. I'll tell you about the shops in the order I found them, on a hot day.

Asli Jackson's store is on Bostanbaşı Caddesi. She has a fine collection of handmade pieces of clothing and accessories.

this is one of her designs. The photo comes from her website

In this shop I found a freshly painted table and some lace shirts that were absolutely stunning but not my size. I wish they did mail order.

Mozk Costume and Design is a bit further away, on Ağa Hamamı Sokak. A big shop full of vintage clothing and accessories. Since I was on the lace-craze phase (and still am, actually) I bought a black lace robe de chambre from the 70's, that I wear over black dresses. It would be a shame to hide it in a bedroom. The shop has a site
but since I've had difficulties with it, I'd recommend their facebook page

And the last shop, that wasn't in Cihangir. We found it in a rather uncommon place for original accessories: the Grand Bazaar. It's a shop called cocoon on Halicilar Caddesi no38.
We fell in love with the felt jewellery. I bought a ladybug ring and a pair of earrings taht you might see soon.

Well.Last post. I'll miss Istanbul and writing about it but, oh well. That's life

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