Photographer's tips to Istanbul

Going on on the series about Istanbul, I simply have to tell you about the places photographers should absolutely go. Ι don't mean places to photograph, everybody has it's own tastes on the subject (although mine is probably Fener). I mean places to find equipment.
The first place I discovered in Istanbul is Hayan Pasaji (I might be spelling it wrong, but I don't think you'd have a problem finding it) near the tram station Sirkeci, in the old town, Sultanahmet. It's a six floor building with shops c0ntaining photography equipment. The film camera shops were a minority amongst them. There was a really expensive leica shop on the second floor, another one with reasonably priced cameras but nothing that interested me and one on the third floor that was the best for me. It had Nikonos, TLR's and any kind of old camera you can imagine. I got a jupiter 8 50mm f.2 and a lomo smena for a friend. The owner was very kind, spoke some English (most of the people there don't speak a word) and offered me tea. I'd recommend him strongly.
The second place is a second hand shop I discovered on Galip Dede street (Dede means grandpa and galip is a name, according to our receptionist). It's on your left hand, when you're descending the road, a passage which has some old books and cameras on the frond. I found an old lady beside them, who conducted me to the shop inside. It had mostly Russian cameras from the 70's in very reasonable prices. I didn't get a thing but I would if I had more money and was in need of a good camera.

I saw cameras on the grand bazaar too and Cihangir but they were massively overpriced, so if you're not a bargain expert, don't even ask for the price.

I'll be back with more.

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