Smells like something I can't resist to

I bought a new no name foam bathing soap yesterday. The cheaper, the larger, the better. But it's smell dazed me. I know the smell. It's the essence of a well known men's perfume that I don't want to mention right now. For me it's so much more. It smells like high school. New year's eve. Holidays. Boring days. The place where I used to live. Guitar tunes. Bed linen that's faded. tears. Skin. Fruit and Meat. Lawyers. Dogs. Videogames. Horror movies. Loneliness. Radiohead. Guitar Pro. Ice cream. Photos and Videos. Parks. Trains. The beach. Stretching. Old Indian Remedies. Cigarettes. Stairs. Stupid jokes. Cocky jokes. so many more things I can't remember right now.

I got out of my flashback, took a deep smell of my skin and then decided to have a reality check. Doesn't matter though. I might buy this soap again.

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