Y u no shoot?

Regardless of the stupid (inspired by 9gag) title, this is a question that I've been asking myself a lot lately. You who have watched my blog for some time now have probably noticed that you haven't seen any real photo lately. I'm not hiding them. It's just that those last months have been long. I've recently finished the film I started just after the holidays and I have yet to develop it. I am in the middle of my beloved "roommates" project and the streets are full of delightful atrocities. My visual life isn't boring at all. So, the question should have a more complicated answer. I thought about bying a hand strap but that's no solution. The problem isn't of a material order, obviously.
If I have to answer it though, it would probably be this.
a) lately, I've become kind of a gear-freak. Not about my own gear, but since I've been seriously thinking of upgrading my digital camera, I've been spending gazillion hours gear-watching. And that leaves no time for serious photography. Not time exactly. It's more about the mood. The solution to this would be to buy the damn thing and go on with my life.
b) I'm in a peculiar kind of mood. I don't value anything that comes out of my own hands much. So, if you think that, even if you shoot, your photos are going to be crap, you aren't in the mood to shoot. Which brigs us to
c) I haven't been consistently shooting for quite some time now. Believe it or not, shooting and seing the results consistently helps you getting better without lazying out. It will be hard to get into this rythm with the upcoming exams. But I'll definitely get myself one or two summer projects.

So, I have to develop this damn film. I know there are one or two good photos in it. Because, even though I've had all this negative background, I've also learnt something in the meantime. In this film, there are some good photos I've seen coming...

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