Confessions on a Gastounian dancefloor. Part 2

Being relaxed and fresh now, I can go on with Gastouni's tell-tales. So now, I'll try to explain to you what mating season looks like down here. (mating season= summer)
I've read lots of things about animals while being ill and my new knowledge shows how the local males calls are no foreign to what wild birds do.
A male, lusting for a local female and owner of a semi-truck with a huge soundsystem takes the truck and drives around the city after midnight playing his favorite kapsoura(suffering from lust) songs. When he approaches the female's house,  he turns the volume to the maximum, so if you're her neighbour, you're doomed. These nightly visits are the subject of speculation of the whole neighbourhood. Who's the lucky girl? and who's the shithead disturbing us?

That was no confession on the dancefloor, more like afterhours with loud oriental music. But it's part of the local culture. Either you hate it or you respect it.

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  1. Νταξ,συγκινήθηκα... Περιμένω με δέος το part 3 και πάω να ακούσω kapsoura songs.