Do you love yourself?

I've beeen absent for a long time, I know. For no specific reason. Maybe the fact that I haven't been shooting lately played a part in it.
The key word of the phase I'm going through is tired (I could even say exhausted, but that would be too much, I think). I don't know if I've gotten old, cold or if I'm more active than before, but the rare times that I sleep a lot, I wake up happy. And then came the hormones.
Women are peculiar creatures when it comes to hormones. They turn from waterfalls to monsters. And the damn hormones bring the issue of self-loathing.

Do you love yourself?

The question has no obvious answer. It depends on the day. It depends on how others appreciate you. It depends on the hormones we were discussing about before. But it is ESSENTIAL to one's well being.
When you loathe yourself, you should take a break. Because you're dangerous for yourself and anybody around you, or at leat the close ones. Take a break, breathe, go slow and appreciate yourself. Because if you don't, you might kill someone on the way. I hope not literally.  So, kit kat.

Random post again. But these are tough times.

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