Like a kid in a candy shop

Fascination is one of the things that become seldom when you grow up. Kids can be fascinated with anything. Cynic adults, on the other side, keep their blazé, I-know-everything look. It seems like, the more fascinated you are, the more creative you are.
And it happened to me. Today. You know, when you're in architecture school and all you learn about is theoretical knowledge, even when it's supposed not to be (don't misunderstand, I love things like art history), having to make something in real size that fuctions makes you helpless. And then, you go to people who have nothing to do with art history, but make very real things. I went to the smith shop today. I was happy like the kind in a candy shop. And there were some really kind people willing to explain to me everything that I'll never learn in architecture.
I even got a new ring (that's supposed to hold rubber but oh, who cares. Creativity, as we said)

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