I'd like to call that post sleeping in beds with boys (paraphrasing this movie) but that's not the whole point of the thing. I have always wondered if everybody on this planet has that severe blues. And if they do, how do they deal with them? Do they also do stupid things? Are they also ambiguous? And what is this severe disease that keeps me from wanting to see my own bed?I'd say it's name is loneliness and it's a major issue recently. The major lack of money inevitably gives a lack of extroversion. People today, especially the young ones are lonelier than ever. But what do we do? another major issue. Some people do nothing. Others look for cheap thrills that momentarily make them satisfied, but can do nothing on the long run. And there's the third choice: looking for something real. It might be the hardest of all. You might trip and fall on the road. But it's the only way to be.

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