flâneur (very accurately described by Walter Benjamin, inspired by Baudelaire) is a person that wanders "aimlessly" on the urban streets and boulevards. I'd say that a. sometimes I wish I had the time and money to do that b.he is the ancestor of the classical street photographer.
I find myself wondering why I've almost entirely given up on street photography even though I love it. The answer lies above; I cannot be a flâneur. I don't have either the time or the money to stroll around endlessly. Well, let's say money ain't that much of an option; you can be peniless and still be a good photographer(and an even better flâneur). But what about time? Is that objective? how many people have you seen mumbling on their phones that they don't have time doing nothing. So this justification wouldn't be legitimate, either.
You don't have to be a flâneur to be a street photographer; I've seen many -and excellent ones- shooting between job, kids and sleep. I am the one that needs to be a flâneur to do it. Because usually nowadays when I walk on the streets, I have tens of thousands things that need to be done on my mind and forget to appreciate the simple things. So, no street for me for now. I strain over my documentary and wish for the best. 

PS. the roommates are advancing, slowly but, oh well...

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