There is something amazing and scary at the same time with things we tend to do daily. I'm a person who gets bored easily but at the same time indulges in doing the same shit again and again. Confusing, isn't it?

For starters, that would be my cup of tea. When I have time at home, there's always a big one around. And when I say big, I mean around 0,3-0,5L. Probably green tea with some flavoring.A tiny tiny bit isn't drunk, to remind me that the cup is too big for tea.

Then, the web. Architects tend to be stuck on their laptops, but I think that I'm one step further than that. It keeps my away from books, which I dislike.

And, of course, cooking. I cook almost daily. Today, I managed to burn a bit of my stew once again. Stew is a food that still puzzles me.

In the end there's Tapas. The place where you can find me most of the nights. It become something of a guilty pleasure. I try to avoid going there and in the end I still find myself there, tidying up at the closing. What the hell?

I bet this was the king of nonsense posts. But there's something really mysterious about the things we swear to hate and still do. And doesn't everyone have them?

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