Second time, pretty time

I've started writing this blog the summer of my first year in university. One of the first posts like, four years ago was about our trip to Vienna. Guess what: I'm back.
Thouroughout these years I've been to a lot of places and to some of them a lot of times. But I've always longed coming back here. And I jumped to the first opportunity that I had (which I hope is as promising as it looks like).
Truthfully, it wasn't the right time for a trip at all. But maybe the scenery, the homely feel, the different experiences, the gluhwein (exageration, especially since it's not that cold) will help me settle down. The gigantic schnitzel that I ate in the evening definitely helped a bit.
So,I'm leaving you to sleep because a long day of museums, delicacies and symposiums awaits me. too-loo!

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