The pains of being snob at heart

It's a great post for late at night (while listening to songs that I've fished on facebook, another big hobby of mine). Since the days of this year are coming to an end (and I'm almost nothing but happy for that) I'd like to admit a sin of mine. Sometimes I'm being snob to the core.
Let's analyze snob, because it's a term that's often misunderstood. The word SNOB is made of the initials of the words Sine Nobilitate, which mean without nobility. It seems that it was first used in a prestigious university two centuries ago to distinguish the poorer students from the aristocratic ones. The meaning was soon inversed, and here we have today's word. Even though a snob is usually associated with the upper class and money, it is not always the case. Because a snob is most of all associated with pride. So, what about me?

I have a strange case of snobbism. I am a snob against the "exhibitionists". The ones who want to show you they have money, charm, knowledge. If one of those is around me, he'll never leave unharmed. You could say, sofar, so good. Noone actually likes those guys. So why the theatrics?

Because being snob never helps. Even though these people might be shitty, by snobbing them you could never change them. And snob is like an expansive illness: first you're against the ones who deserve it and then it widens. And let me tell you what happens when you're angry... oh, you've guessed right.

So, one of my new years resolutions would be to abolish snobbism. It's gonna be a tough one...

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