Walking in high heels 'round Exarcheia and other paradoxalities

Ok, so this post is gonna consist of brief comments about those holidays.

1. I finally understood why I shoot nothing lately. It's because of my utter disinterest in almost everything that I go through. Been there, done that, shot that. And the digital camera (even my beloved x100s) doesn't help because it makes things more complicated. Change the white balance, change the iso, look at the picture, shoot it again... It's a bore. I so miss the good ol' days when I shot one or two pictures and actually saw them in a month or so. Things are going too fast nowadays. So, in the midst of trying to fix my general nihilism, I might also try to shoot digital like film. And we'll see...

2. Looking like your parents when you're only in your twenties is an alarming fact. Going to sleep early, being upset over casualties, skipping things with your friends is wrong even in their age. And, getting over the fact that it's disappointing for you, is it a bearable situation for them? I wonder.

3. This year smells nothing like christmas. Be it the thousands of homeless people on the streets (and the sweaters dressing the trees, not them, for Christs sake), my age or the sleeplessness, I haven't felt the utter joy yet. But the holidays ain't over anyway.

4. I'm getting onto very nice music. And even working. Oh, joy.

So, happy holidays everyone and I hope the next post will be less sarcastic. In-between phases are tough.

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