Apologies accepted

It's been a fun few days. Not as intense as they usually are, but perfect for someone who had to rest after and before a big deal of work. And so, I'll skip to conclusions.

A. I've been bragging about how superficial relationships are around here. As a matter of fact, the smaller the place, the more people tend to care more for their image. BUT, as my smart cousin accurately pointed, it's not a characteristic of this place only, it's a general illness. And not everybody is like this, these people are the ones you see the most. And, I've found out a place where people are interesting. So, cheers for that.

B. Arkoudi is amazing but it can wash your money off in jsut a few hours. You can't abandon it though 'cause it's simply amazing (and sorry for repeating myself).

C. There's something better than gin tonic. It's called gin w soda and lemon juice and it helps you digest all the meat you've been devouring in easter festivities.

D. You can shoot many beautiful things if you find even a tiny interest in them.

(like this)
Since I'll be back tomorrow...happy rest of the holidays for those of you who are still on vacation.

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