Confessions on the altar

No, I'm not getting married. But religion has been one of the hottest topics around Gastouni these last days (and it's Easter. Makes sense).

Few things have changed around here. The pretention levels are on their max, "hot" women have fun, "hot" men have their eyes full and everybody else is trying to be like them. Boring, really. The usual Gossip girl-lookalike scenery. But some things have indeed changed: a. the bars are quite empty. Curiously the ones missing are the ones you'd like to see the most. The rest are underage drinkers and posers you despise. b. There is a new place whose music is quite bearable. It might lack originality (here's why) but it can't compare to 3d rate greek songs. And the barman makes good cocktails, (which is a rarity, coming from my mouth). c. I feel no real need to go out. A chill noon in Arkoudi has much more meaning to me nowadays than a crazy night out.

While reading books I've first read when I was a child, I'm working on two things: 1. my patience 2. my snobbism. Because I'm halfway on the road to who I'd like to be, but I'm still quite satisfied with what I have now.

Happy Easter everyone. To good deeds.

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