Goodbye 2012. It's been nice.

As years go by and you get sceptical (and less presents) you start wondering if the end of the year is such a big deal. "So this was Christmas, and what have we done?". With the end of Santa Claus and school holidays and believing in strange coincidences you sober up. At least you're supposed to. Then why the fuss? Why did I feel that the world was ending and had to turn it all over (and don't tell me it's because of 21/12. I always knew it was bullocks)? It's a mystery to me. But if you've felt the same, share, please. So that I ain't the only one paranoid. Tomorrow will be another day.
So, in the end, how was 2012? not boring. But not nearly enough satisfying. We're not done here. So, happy 2013. And be sure that it won't be happy if you don't move your asses and do anything for that.

PS. Maybe this year I'll stop believing in new years resolutions and start doing them. really.


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