Exceeds expectations

For starters, have a nice year! It's been calm and nice and thoughtful around here.
I'd like to talk about expectations. or the lack of 'em. As you grow up, people expect more and more things from you. And you can make yourself available to them, or ignore them. There are less-than-necessary expectations and over-the-top expectations. There might be balanced, too, but for the almost 23 years of my life, I don't think I've seen any. And there are the expectations you have for yourself too. What are they, anyway? I've found myself thinking that others expect acting like an adult from me, while I'm still acting like a child. Hearing the words "If I was a client, I'd have liscenced you" should have sent me to the right place. They weren't enough, but I appreciate them. Will they send me to the right direction? I hope so. But let's face it, at 23, you're no child anymore and none is willing to treat you as such.

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