Drama queen

Truthfully, lying around and reading manga on pay-per-minute internet ain't very wise. But since my plans for the evening were ruined, I won't be much more creative than that.

Imagine now a girl... she wears heavy perfume, red lipstick and a black dress. She's a heavy smoker and drinker. She hangs around in mysterious places and lives deep and untained love stories. If you recognise this persona, you might have heard about her before in this blog. She ain't real. She could be the character of a movie, or a book with a very twisted plot. Sometimes I tend to confuse myself with her, waiting for my next love to come dramatically or dramatising the past ones. But when you're stuck on your couch wearing the dress you first got confessed into (and that was a loooooong time ago), sweating after midnight in August, you can't help but see things cynically. Life ain't a fairytale, not even a dark one and the world isn't turning around you. And you cannot expect things to fall onto your lap exactly when you need them. What you can do with all this frustration, though, is creation. Hell, what would I become without it.

(this photo was shot at a time of big frustration six months ago. I don't usually shoot photos like this, but I think that the way it depicts the Berlin tower is nice)

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