Something new, something borrowed, someone (a little bit) blue

And somehow like this, my summer is over. Not oficially, but leaving Gastouni always means that the new year is about to begin. In a way that I barely understood, I've passed from "I'd like one more month of vacation" to "Autumn, here I come". This summer hasn't been full of great and life-changing events, though it held some bad ones. But it has been quite full of little surprises. New relationships are up and coming. Old ones are changing and some don't even matter that much anymore. But in the end, what matters most is how you feel about all of that. And, come on, I can take you.

And, feeling a bit nostalgic, I shot this picture today. It's in the same swing I had shot this four years ago. I was a toddler then (laughs). A good year to all of us.

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