First things first

I've had my first tooth filling today. And a job prospect. And a gazillion things to talk about, as usual. But it's only gonna be questions today.

Are we happy? are we making ourselves unhappy? are we fretting over nonsense? are we not concious enough? Are we afraid? do we have to hide our desires? would it be better if we all got on the streets until the end? How do we approach people that have left our camp? how do we fulfil the void? is sex a matter of concern, or is it just a sentimental defect? Do we leave people or do they leave us, or maybe both? Do we want to smash the security light next door or do we want to put it in our home too? Who's sane anymore? In the end, is it better to dig around facts or to let them be? This could be an eternal list of cries of agony. But one can answer on his/her own. And thus, humankind still remains. We'll see


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