Living like a first year again. And getting over it.

The word "last" is a tough one usually. One that makes you want to enjoy it a lot more than all the previous ones. One that makes you anxious about what will be the "first" that comes after the "last". One that can make your head go round. It happened to me too. Being the last year of university life, I found myself partying like crazy. And going out on every occasion. And starting a bunch of new things. And somehow I found myself dazed and confused from all this shit. I understand that anxiousness can lead you to a lot of shitty decisions, but I couldn't concentrate on what I believed anymore. Plus the fact that I'm not in the end of the path but a mere step ahead. And then, I decided to calm down. Because, in the whole anxious rythms, I comletely confused what I wanted to prioritize. Plus, let's be realistic, it costs a lot to be a first year again. :P

PS. I hope the next thing I'll show you here will be a photograph and not my shitty personal situations

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