One of the shitty things about capitalism and even more of neoliberalism is the mess that becomes of time. You have no time to think, no time to rest, no time to love. It is a system incompatible with human rythms.

And when you've got no time, except the one you work or the one you despair over not working, you have to squeeze everything else in the little time that remains. So, you have to hurry everything. Eat fast, drink fast, get drunk fast, fuck fast, sleep fast, wake up fast, fall in love fast. Except you can't. If you eat fast, you'll get a stomachache and you won't be able to digest for the rest of the day. If you drink fast you'll puke. And let's not even talk about sleeping fast or falling in love fast: they are nonexistent.

I'd like to live in a world where I'd have to work less and do something creative. Where waking up wouldn't be the end of the world and drinking wouldn't always lead to getting drunk. Where I'd take my time to eat and love wouldn't be connected with pressure.

End of a week with a lot of events.

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