Should'a would'a could'a

It became clear to me, yet again today, how people see things differently. I'm done and they're not, I'm not and they are. I don't give a damn anymore. Who's even thought that this day would come. But I've realised this: you can't have two people in the world that can change your feelings top-down at the same time. I've had two of these kind in my life. They've both had a big longevity and they can't exist together. People that can bring you to heaven and send you to hell with one phrase. They probably signal all the important relationships in your life. If I had been a different person, an important ex of mine wouldn't ever be looking at me today. But that's the way things've happened and I can only turn to the future.

ps. I'm still looking for a certain chill version of "sing it back". If you've got any idea about it, just send me a comment

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