The easter luncheon tragedies

It happens every year. and the more tired you are, the worse you want to shout and leave the table.
The easter supper (and lunch on Sunday) is the perfect opportunity for the family to gather around delicious food (holy thing), drink homemade wine, apprecite the nature (if you're in the countryside) and chat carelessly. You'd say, where's the tragedy in all this?
It's quite concrete. You love your relatives, we all do. But there are times when you can't bear them. For me, talking about politics is one of these moments, where I either have to start screaming or leave the table. And especially after some cups of the pro-mentionned homemade wine, the "stay and repress your anger" is not a valid option. In easter tables you are once again reminded of why this whole country is going nowhere and you have no future. Well, I'm overdoing it, but talking about the level of people's concience, easter tables suffocate me. It's not about having a different (opposite, I don't care about that)opinion. I can discuss with that. But what I can't stand the most is listening to them and hearing the arguments that media magnates are using to put them to sleep. My head is shouting "wake up! You've lost all your money and you still believe in that shit?!". But that's not a way to convince people. And the closer they are to you, the worse you get (your parents are the best example for that). And then you become the crazy leftist (laughs). Wha you can do: a.yoga b.express your ideas in the calmest way you can (avoiding swearing carefully) c. drown your sorrow for the world in wine and then go out and play.
I don't know if this is gonna obtuse with time. The only thing I know is that easter luncheons are bad to my stomach, my face and my nerves.

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